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By comparing and analyzing different way Ux design schools offer their mentorship, we will help you determine which course provides the most benefit and value for your educational journey.

If you’re researching the best UX design courses, you’ll likely find that most popular programs offer some form of mentorship. This type of mentorship can be a valuable resource for students as they work to develop their skills and knowledge in the field of UX design.

However, it’s crucial to understand how mentorship is offered by different courses, as the methods used can vary significantly and have a significant impact on the overall value of the course.

When researching UX design courses, it’s essential to consider the type of Ux design mentorship that is offered and how it aligns with your learning style and goals. Some students prefer more structured, graded tasks and feedback, while others thrive in a more collaborative, peer-based learning environment. By understanding the different approaches to UX design mentorship and how various courses may use them, you can make an informed decision regarding which course is the best fit for you.

Ux Design Mentorship methods

There are several approaches that can be effective in a UX design mentorship program and can be effective in helping students expand the skills and knowledge they require to succeed in their studies and projects. The four most common methods are peer feedback, assignment grading, group coaching, and individualized mentorship.

Peer feedback involves students receiving feedback and critiques from their peers on their work. This can be an effective way for students to learn from one another and gain valuable perspectives on their work.

Assignment grading involve students completing exercises or projects and receiving feedback and grading from their mentors or instructors. This approach allows students to see how they are progressing and what areas they need to focus on to improve their skills.

Group coaching involves students working with a mentor or instructor in a group setting, allowing them to learn from one another and receive feedback and guidance as a group.

Individualized mentorship involves one-on-one interactions with a mentor or instructor, in which students receive personalized feedback and support tailored to their specific needs and goals.



✓ Individualized mentorship

✓ Assignment grading

✓ Peer feedback

As you go through the UX Design program at Careerfoundry, the type of Ux design mentorship you will receive will be peer feedback, assignment grading, and individualized mentorship.

Assignment grading will be guaranteed by a Ux tutor who will evaluate each of your tasks with feedback. At the same time, individualized mentorship will be ensured by a Ux mentor who will approve the final task of each achievement and help you orientate in the UX design industry, sharing tips and advice for success in this field.

Ux tutors are usually UX/UI designers with a minimum of two years in the industry, while Ux mentors typically have more advanced expertise as senior UX designers. With the tutor, you will be provided with assistance through text chat, which is usually responded to within a few hours. Conversely, when working with a mentor, interactions are conducted via video chat for an even more personal touch.

With the mentor, Careerfoundry offers unlimited calls for their students. During these invaluable video calls with the mentors, it’s essential to maximize this benefit by being prepared with plenty of questions and utilizing every opportunity to obtain as much knowledge as possible!

Peer feedback will also be integrated as part of some of your tasks, where other students will help you to improve your projects with their feedback. This means that at the same time, each student will exercise giving some constructive criticism.

In addition to the peer feedback, assignment grading, and individualized mentorship provided through the UX Design program at Careerfoundry, It is important to underline that the course also includes a job guarantee. This means that Careerfoundry will work with students to help them secure a job in the field of UX design upon completion of the program. Find out how exactly the Ux bootcamp Job guarantee works.


✓ Individualized mentorship

✓ Assignment grading

✓ Peer feedback

Designlab offers a comprehensive support system for its UX design students, which includes personalized mentorship, grading and feedback on assignments, and access to a community of mentors, peers, and recent graduates.

To ensure that students get the most out of their mentorship experience, Designlab matches them with a Ux mentor based on their responses to key questions about their goals and needs. Mentorship is provided through weekly one-on-one video chat sessions and written feedback on design submissions, allowing students to receive personalized guidance and support.

In addition to individualized mentorship, students at Designlab also have access to a range of other resources to help them succeed, such as a Discord community, live group critique sessions, and the opportunity to practice presenting their work and receiving feedback from their peers.

Designlab’s Ux mentors are highly experienced professionals with an average of 5-7 years experience in product, digital, or UX/UI design. They are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and reach their full potential as designers. Explore our thorough analysis of Designlab student feedback.


✓ Individualized mentorship

✓ Assignment grading

The UX Design academy at CourseUX is committed to providing students with the support and guidance they need to succeed in their studies and build successful careers in UX design. One of the key ways that the academy does this is through its Ux mentorship program, which includes assignment grading and individualized mentorship.

As a student at CourseUX, you will benefit from thorough evaluations of your exercises by experienced UX mentors who provide feedback and grading on your work. This is a valuable opportunity to get expert insights and perspective on your designs and identify areas for improvement and growth.

In addition to assignment grading, CourseUX also offers students the opportunity to engage in unlimited video calls with their mentors. These one-on-one sessions are an excellent way to receive personalized support and guidance as you work through the program and develop your skills as a UX designer.

Another key aspect of the support system at CourseUX is the vibrant community of fellow learners. Whether you have a question about a particular assignment, need advice on a specific aspect of UX design, or want to connect with others pursuing similar goals, you will find a supportive and welcoming community of peers at CourseUX.

Overall, the mentorship program at CourseUX is designed to provide students with the resources and support they need to succeed in their studies and build successful careers in UX design. With experienced mentors, thorough grading and feedback on assignments, and access to a community of peers, CourseUX is committed to helping its students achieve their goals and reach their full potential as designers.


✓ Individualized mentorship

✓ Assignment grading

At Springboard, mentorship is an essential part of the learning process for UX design students. That’s why the offer to the students includes assignment grading and one-on-one mentorship from industry specialists throughout the nine-month program.

During the program, students have the opportunity to connect with their UX mentor through weekly video calls. These calls provide an opportunity for students to discuss their assignments and receive guidance and feedback from their mentor. They also offer a chance for students to get an inside look into the daily life of a UI/UX designer and learn more about the industry from someone who has firsthand experience.

By staying connected with their mentor and taking advantage of their expertise, students can maximize their learning experience and get the most out of their time at Springboard.

Google UX Design Professional Certificate – Coursera

✓ Peer feedback

The Google UX Design Certificate offers students a unique learning opportunity through its project-based approach and peer feedback system. By submitting projects and providing feedback on their peers’ work, students are not only advancing through the course but also staying motivated and engaged in the material.

One of the benefits of this approach is that students get to see how their fellow learners are tackling similar challenges and can gain valuable insights from their perspective. This can be an enriching experience that helps students learn from one another and build a sense of community within the program.

However, it’s important to note that the feedback students receive through this program will come from their peers rather than industry professionals. While this can still be valuable for knowledge exchange among participants, it may not provide the same level of expertise and perspective as feedback from experienced professionals. Students looking for more in-depth, specialized feedback from industry experts may consider a program that offers mentorship from experienced professionals in the field.

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